welp, hi there.

so i'm aleteoryx. i go by, frankly, too many names, but you might also know me as vvinrg or winrg. i like neocities a lot, on account of it's accessible static hosting with a focus on community and learning, but i'm also far too much of a nerd to not write my own backend. my other site is hosted with linode. theres my referral code, glhf. i'll probably fill this out more in like a month, but for now... ok it's filled out more sick

i promise im a competent web dev i swear. im just too lazy to build this place the right way so it's a mess. ill make it look better later when i have the time im just too busy. y'know what i love the messy look i might just keep this this way cause it's more fun.

update as of Aug. 13, 2023: finally got my proper personal site to a point where im proud of it enough to link to it places. it's right here. make of that what you will.


stalk me on the internet. cmon itll be fun i swear.

alternatively shoot me an email( yes, i do host it myself. yes, it's a huge pain.

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oh here's some bands too.